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WANTED: Liposuction. My doctor says I'm too fat.

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WANTED: Snow shoes Jan. 6th, 2014 @ 10:26 am
Preferrably 22" or 25".

Nothing actually outrageous about the request. But given that we just had a very large snowstorm and this was the only new freecycle message when I checked, I was highly amused.

Kinda like a Swiss Army knife ... Dec. 27th, 2013 @ 11:51 am
OFFER: coach purse blender jewelery stand
gently used coach purse blender and jewelry stand

It's a coach/purse/blender/jewelry stand all in one!
Free Mood:: amusedamused

Sob Story Bingo Nov. 8th, 2013 @ 11:42 am
WANTED: truck totaled by a guy stealing diapers need any vehicle pls

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Halloween mother of the year - NOT! Oct. 31st, 2013 @ 07:08 pm

Our local Freecycle members finally started following the rules so that even though I was a mod and saw all the near-misses, there hasn't been much fodder for this site over the past year. But then...some of the folks who don't need no stinkin' rules responded by starting their own freecycle style site as a Facebook page. This gem showed up today and had me ROTF. Because it is on a facebook page, there was a conversation - which I have summarized. I did not correct the language-which-resembles-English. My snark is in bold.

Posted at 11 a.m. October 31
looking for free costumes for 4 lil kids 5 month old lil girl! shes tiny a 1 in half lil boy a 3 year old lil boy and a 7 yr old girl please anything will help i dont got cash so free will b good.. i wont be picky as long as it covers ther body

Someone offers a choice of two costumes for the 7 year old girl:

wher u located.do u have pics.. (Pics? Why? I thought she said anything would do...)

Person offering posts a link to a photo of a really cute costume and identifies a pick-up location near a local landmark

idk wher that is

Offerer posts more directional clarification. The location is just off the main highway through town and therefore on several bus routes.

okay ill try get there..!! i dont got a ride.. tho!

Someone else offers several costumes and subsequently offers to deliver them.

bring all please (address) can u pick up the one from the other ladys place for me for 7 yr old..... plzzzzz

Post at 12:30 p.m.

Got them thanks

Same poster as above - posted at 4:18 p.m. on October 31:
Does anyone have a warm costume for a 6 yr old boy and can deliver sorry to be a pest- plzzzzzzz

Breaker One Nine, this here's the Rubber Duck ... Sep. 2nd, 2013 @ 11:13 am

Hello! I am a new truck driver in need of a Trucker GPS.

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» Dream. On.
WANTED: Wanted 3D printer, and Laptop

I'm trying to get my foot in the door with my inventions, but I don't have the resources to buy or make the parts I need. I found that a 3D printer could make what I needed for quite a bit less, but I can't afford the price of one. I can make use of any 3D printer, broken or working. Also, if someone has a newer laptop (i.e. 2 core cpu or higher, and a decent graphics card) I could really use that to help with my goal with the 3D printer. My laptop is far too old to be much use in 3D design. The laptop doesn't have to be working, I can usually fix it myself to get it working.

At least s/he is willing to take non-working stuff.  That's a plus.
» WANTED: 1-3 tickets Cubs vs Red
I need 1-3 Cubs tickets. I can pick them up either today or tomorrow. I
don't need nice seats, nosebleeds would be great. I have a some friends
that need tickets. If you have some extra tickets email me at
DREAM-ON@WISHING.com. or call at *** *** ****. If I don't pick up,
leave a voicemail and I'll get back to you.
Please my daughter is a new driver and I am looking for a used car for
her to start of with. If anyone has one i would appreciate it. Thank you
» beggers can't be choosers
Wanted: 50th bdays
im looking for anything for 50th birthday party FOR MY SISTER'S BDAY!!

napkins, ballons, silverware, plates, cups, etc

let me know if you have anything around, signs and so forth?
i can pick up asap

thank you

Wanted: baby car seat
We need a baby car seat ... thank you

wanted: adult atv
Thid will be used for my 20 and 26 year old daughters as a gift. Please if u can hrlp, email or call felix xxx xxx xxxx thanks Coca

Wanted: Kids Great America Ticket

I was wondering if anyone has a Kids Great America Ticket they won't be using. My son's Birthday is this Friday and we would love to take him to Great America. Can pick up asap. Thanks

And you can only take him with a free ticket?!

Wanted: Working PCI video card with Win7 support
Hi everyone,
I dug an old Gateway PC out of the back of the closet to set up in my boys room not that they're getting to that age and after replacing a dead hard drive I installed Windows 7 and it's actually running pretty good. The only issue I have is the built in video doesn't appear to be recognized by Windows 7 and I can't go above 640x480 resolution. I've searched everywhere I can and am not finding anything for drivers for the built in video so am hoping someone hear can help me out. It's a Small Form Factor case so I'd need a low-profile (sometimes called half-height) PCI video card that might be recognized by Windows 7.
Heck, ever if it's NOT low-profile, I might be able to fenagle something with the metal plate to get it to fit as long as the physical card itself isn't too tall.
Bottom line is, if you have a Win7 friendly PCI video card, hit me up and I'll see what I can do with it.



I am looking for a working laser printer so I can print my digital textbooks (or parts of them) for school. These books range between 300 - 600 pages so I need something that can print 2 sided and handle such large jobs without using a million ink cartridges like my current printer.

Thank you!

first this one...

WANTED: Laser Printer
Thank you for reading this.

I am an online student enrolled in 2 programs simultaneously and I am in desperate need of a printer that can handle printing hundreds of pages. I simply cannot keep reading from my computer screen because it is beginning to affect my eyes and cause my herniated discs to flare up. I cannot afford to go buy one nor can I afford to pay to print the textbooks, which would range between $60.00 - $90.00 every few weeks.

If you have one that you no longer use I would very much appreciate being able to put it to use here.

Thank you!
then more guilt!

Wanted: Brookfield zoo / shed aquarium passes
Planning to go with some friends coming from Canada on this Sunday .. Looking for Brookfield zoo or shedd aquarium passes, tickets or coupons would be helpful .
Can pickup any time
» a random roundup
wanted small boat stuff
hello everyone can you help,we have a small boat and we need anything
that can get our family fishing,anchor, boat cushions,oars.thank you for looking

wanted small boat stuff
I am in need of thing you might not need,cushions,oars,anchors,trailer wheels.motor,gas tank any thing big or small thank so much

this was posted multiple times as you can see

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